ABS Systems, Inc.
Environmental Health
Environmental HealthEHIMS is designed for inspectors, managers and other employees

Responsible for
Permit issuing and renewals
Application processing
Fee collection and invoicing
Complaints tracking and investigation
Inspections for permits and complaints
Violations and corrections tracking
Food handlers and other certifications

Foodborne illness prevention
On site sewage facilities
Swimming pools and SPA safety
Daycare safety
Foster care safety
Tattoo and piercing safety
And many other programsP

For Managers
Inspection results availability to the public
Reports, statistics, and charts
Employee performance evaluations
Permit renewal notifications
Alerts for repeat violations
Fees, payments and balances tracking

For Inspectors
Risk factors defined by inspection results
Inspection scheduling based on risk factors or local jurisdiction requirements
On-site time calculation for each inspection
Inspection forms completion in the field
Capturing signatures, attaching plans, documents and pictures