ABS Systems, Inc.
About ABS
ABS Systems, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Chief Executive, Frieda du Toit, a prominent thought leader in the development of innovative management tools for local and state governments. ABS Systems, Inc. is a well-funded, privately owned corporation headquartered in San Diego, California. The company specializes in web-based, integrated software applications and services for local and state governments and is regarded as the leading provider in this space.

Our software focuses on placing information into the hands of the people who are best positioned to respond quickly and effectively, while giving directors meaningful information upon which to base policy decisions. ABS Systems, Inc. understands, for example, that dynamic changes are taking place in the public sector within the county departments who serve our communities. We strive to provide the tools that result in better services and greater efficiencies, making the lives of our users easier.

Our customers need only a workstation with an Internet browser-and ABS Systems, Inc. does the rest. We provide database hosting, high-speed processing, training, implementation consulting, technical support, and system administration. We offer the accountability and efficiency of a single-point of contact for all of your requests.

The customers we serve quickly learn the value of customer service from a company that is well established and remains as flexible and responsive as can be humanly achieved. We take the time and care necessary so that every ABS Systems, Inc. customer is fully satisfied and becomes a long-term partner.